The News360 Publisher Program

A beautifully branded reading experience

How does News360 work with publishers?

If you create content, chances are your feeds are already in News360, and we're channeling our users to your site (you may have seen referral traffic from us already!) If you can't find your content in the app, then send a link to your RSS feed to and we'll add it to News360 — it's as simple as that. For larger publishers, we have what we call our News360 Publisher Partners program.

What does being a News360 Publisher Partner provide?

News360 Publisher Partners get more insight into readers that view their content in News360, additional branding on their content pages, and the ability to monetize their own content through our Promoted Content network. News360 Publisher Partners don't get any preference over non-partners when it comes to actually selecting which content a specific reader sees — that is determined solely by our personalization algorithms.

How do I become a News360 Publisher Partner?

If you just want to get your content into News360, simply send us a link to your RSS feed. If you're potentially a News360 Publisher Partner — send a note to