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News360 Enterprise
Empower Your Team

Effortlessly share personalized news stories & curated
mission-critical information across your organization
Enterprise competitive intelligence & news platform

How News360 Enterprise helps Continuous Learning:

The web is filled with content fighting for your attention every day, information overload is becoming a huge problem in keeping your team informed. Use News360 Enterprise to bring personalized news stories to your team and facilitate learning and sharing of mission-critical information across the organization.

Create personalized
news feeds

Surface relevant
articles from 20,000+
online publishers

Customize feeds
with >1M distinct

Deploy advanced
NLP and ML to filter
through the noise

Enable your team to
learn & keep abreast
of your industry

Boost team
& productivity

Functional & Industry News for L&D:

News360 enterprise News360 enterprise News360 enterprise
With more than 1M interests that cover all the topics, companies, people, products and locations you could possibly read about, you can craft precision-focused feeds that give you the right information, at the right time
Infinitely configurable
By selecting interests important to the whole organization, a specific team (like Leadership, Marketing, R&D, etc), and allowing each employee to select their personal interests, you can create feeds that combine what’s important for each role and for the team as a whole
Available everywhere
With native mobile apps, mobile and desktop web, and API, you can use News360 on any device, or build it into your e-learning and intranet products
News360 allows you to share content with your team and peers, as well as surface content that’s trending across the organization and your teams
Personalized stories from 20,000+ publishers are delivered to your feeds as they happen
News360 pushes breaking news and important updates to your phone and email to make sure you don’t miss a beat
Fully Brandable
Get a curated news app with custom branding to fit all your needs and share with Employees, Distributors, Channel Partners and other stakeholders, with minimal development effort
Simplified Reporting
Get deep analytics & detailed engagement reports on how your team consumes content and fine tune interest choices to improve reader attention

Use Cases for Enterprise News Discovery

Learning & Development

Boost employee competency with relevant, timely and easy-to-consume updates

Channel Engagement

Give your vendors or channel partners an easy way to stay updated on all the latest developments in the industry

Influencer Management

Give your network of brand champions curated and timely updates with ideas on what they can share & how they can grow their influence

Ready to Transform the way your teams learn?

Our personalization and integration capabilities make News360 a great solution for large
(1,000+) teams that need to streamline the way that news content gets discovered.
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