Promoted Content

News360 doesn't just help users find the best stories, it also helps brands and content creators find the most engaged and valuable readers for the content that they are creating.

Average CTR
58 sec
Average Reading Time
Stories served every month

How does News360 work with sponsored content?

Our goal is to promote brand stories that are both interesting and useful to readers. News360 understands the nuances of what each user likes to read, and we use our unique personalization platform to deliver promoted content, clearly marked as such, to the right users, at the right time and on the right device to generate the maximum amount of engagement and interest. Other than the "Promoted by ___" tag, promoted content looks and feels the same as all other stories in News360, and generates long reading times, organic social shares and subscriptions to the brand's feed. At no extra cost brands can even create a unique Call-to-Action button in order to convert engagement with the story into customer action.

What kind of sponsored content fits into News360?

News360 works with textual content like branded editorial, corporate blogs or thought leadership papers as well as video content.

How does it work?

Give us an RSS feed or specific URLs and News360's engine will aggregate your brand content, analyze it and create a unique targeting pattern based on topics discovered in each story. The News360 personalization platform then promotes your brand content to users on our mobile apps, analyzing each interaction and tuning the campaign to prioritize content that is doing better with specific audiences. Promoted content is priced using a CPC bidding system.

What sort of reporting do you provide?

Since our goal is maximizing content engagement, we provide a deep analysis on how users interact with your stories — far beyond just impressions and clicks. Through the News360 Promoted Content dashboard you have the ability to analyze reading times, social activity (shares to Facebook, Twitter, email and so on), CTA conversion for each story and each mobile OS.