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Promoting Content

You can use News360 to promote your brand's content
to our audience in a highly targeted, personalized way
using Promoted Content

Why does News360 work so well
for promoted content?

Our content delivery engine
is powered by more than one
million distinct reader interests
Perfectly timed
Your content is delivered to
the right reader, at the right time,
on the right device
Truly native
Promoted content on News360
looks and feels just like all
other stories
Use unique calls-to-action that
work best for your conversion
Well read
Promoted content on News360
enjoys higher read times than
any of our competitors
Accurately priced
Promoted content on News360
is priced cost-effectively using
a CPC bidding systems
Find out how a Fortune-500 financial services company used Promoted Content to expand their content reach
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See how Zendesk used Promoted Content to find engaged readers interested in Customer Success
View case study
See how Autodesk used NativeAI Promoted Content to successfully connect with target audiences
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What people say about us?

News360 amplified our brand voice and thought leadership by simply leveraging our existing content creation efforts.
By promoting our content in News360, we reached an engaged audience of readers who are eager for exactly the type of content we create on Relate, which helps us generate brand awareness among a large population of who are passionate about the same topics we are.
Would I run another sponsored content campaign with News360? Absolutely. Especially when other channels aren't delivering on engagement. A platform like NativeAI is a great place to put our promotional budget.
The engagement generated by News360 helped us optimize our subsequent content creation strategy.

Our performance at a glance

Measure the performance of your
content in real-time

We use our personalization technology to promote each piece
of content individually, giving you insights along the way so you
can align your content strategy to maximize engagement.

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Does your content deserve to be native?

Test your content on News360
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